Some Completed Projects:


NATURE - Novel Approaches to Theories Underlying Requirements Engineering (1994-1995). Funding: EU Information Technology Programme (ESPRIT III) Basic Research Action 6353 on novel approaches to theories underlying requirements engineering.

NATURE partners were RWTH Aachen (Germany), University of Paris I (France) and Swedish Institute for Systems Development.

ORES - Towards First Generation of Temporal Data Base Management Systems (1993-1994).

Funding: EU Information Technology Programme (Esprit III project P7224).

Partners: Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, 01 Pliroforiki, Greece, Information Dynamics, Greece, University of Athens, Greece, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece, Clinica Puerta de Hierro, Spain, and Umist, University of Manchester, UK.  

International Research project on new software technologies (2001-2004)

Partnership: Catena, Institute of computer based software methodology and technology, Universities from 12 countries (Australia, Canada, USA, Japan, France, Italy, UK, Germany, etc.).

Project Goal: Extending Lyee Methodology using the Enterprise Modelling Approach

Funding: The Japanese industry

Interview by Catena Corp.

Models and methods for e-commerce (2001-2003)

Project Goal: Enterprise modelling of e-business processes

Funding: HumanIT programme at Karlstad University, Sweden

Enterprise Modelling (1996-2006)

Partnership: Swedish Industry

Project goal: Development of new foundations for Service Oriented Analysis and Design

Funding: Forest Industry Centre, Karlstad University, Sweden

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